Plans and policies

05/ EST is pursuing the realisation of the Leiden Art Hub. EST created a file describing our plans how to turn the defunct hydrogen gas plant from 1905 into a lively venue for arts and culture. This file may regularly be updated. (No rights can be derived from anything stated herein). Click here to view and download the plan. We have created a separate website mainly tailored to local users. Therefore, it is in Dutch. Click here to visit the website.

04/ Create and foster local partnerships.

03/ Perpetuate and renew international partnerships.

01/ Archive '90
We are considering to adopt the library 'Archive 90'. This could well be one of the most consistent post-WWII libraries focussed on concrete art in the Netherlands. This plan has been put on hold. In case of further development of the Leiden Art Hub, we will revive this idea.

00/ EST strives to operate according to fair practice principles. Fair play, fair pay, fair share. We use kunstenaarshonorarium and we pay our staff and volunteers based on the guideline written by De Zaak Nu. Boardmembers work free of charge. 
EST Code Cultural Governance (Dutch read)
EST Code Fair Practice (Dutch read)
EST has become a member of De Zaak Nu

Download here the protocol as of January 26 regarding the protection and safety of employees and visitors, presentation and post-academic institutions
(Dutch read)



10/ Kyiv Assemblage No.7 - Solidarity
The Kyiv Assemblage No.7 - Solidarity is an exhibition with a fundraiser for Kyiv based group the Kyiv Non Objective. This exhibition has been based on the inaugural exhibition entitled KNO 0/1 from 2017 and mixed with Billy Gruner's social assemblage series stemming from 2008.

09/ Through the looking glass

Following on last year's edition, EST has installed Through the looking glass, an exhibition in public space during dark hours under COVID restrictions. Works shine from dusk onwards to ca.11 pm. This exhibition is for everyone to be seen while walking or cycling in Singelpark Leiden until February 27. From Monday to Sunday. Extra: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will open the gate so you can approach closer. Maintain current COVID measures.


08/ Transformatie
Exhibition with local artists conceived for the Open Monumentendagen and the Kunstroute Leiden. Sculpture, ceramics, paintings and a shop. Artists: Judith Bloedjes, Emma van Noort, Albert Roskam, Janet Vollebregt and Rob Walters.
September 11 - October 3, 2021.
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07/ EST ist was IS war
Continuing where IS-projects left off in 2019, EST ist was IS war was a multi faceted exhibition containing an outside mural by Cologne based artist Lars Breuer, among paintings, mixed media and sculpture by an international roster of artists, including: Kirstin Arndt, Linda Arts, Lars Breuer, Frauke Dannert, René Eicke, Sebastian Freytag, Billy Gruner, Ivo Ringe and Katleen Vinck. August 14 - 29, 2021.
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06/ Through the looking glass
Through the looking glass was an art walk connecting Papegaaisbolwerk with Ambachtsplein. Through the looking glass was about wonder and amazement, about awareness and seeing through. From outside to inside and, about light in darkness. February 2021.
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02/ Transmissie
The inaugural exhibition. With reservation to COVID-19, Stichting EST art foundation's first exhibition was entitled Transmission. It was planned for the occasion of Kunstroute Leiden 2020, which took place on September 26 and 27. EST invited local artists: Stephan van den Burg, Iemke van Dijk, Emma van Noort, Walter van Peijpe, Tineke Porck, Albert Roskam, Rob Walters and Guido Winkler. Exhibition development in conjunction with ATELIER jelle verheijen,  City of Leiden and Museum De Lakenhal. 
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