For complete descriptions of the works, please refer to the roomsheet.

08/ Transformatie runs from September 11th to October 3rd. The exhibition has been conceived for Open Monumenten Dagen and Kunstroute Leiden. Open Monumenten event happens on September 11 and 12. Kunstroute Leiden  on September 25 and 26.

For this exhibition EST is working with local artists. It includes sculpture, ceramics, paintings, drawings and performance. With: Judith Bloedjes, Emma van Noort, Albert Roskam, Janet Vollebregt and Rob Walters. 

Venue: Papegaaisbolwerk 20
Open on Thu - Sat 1 - 5 pm and special events 

Open Monumentendagen
September 11 and 12
12 - 6 pm

Kunstroute Leiden
September 25 and 26 
12 - 6 pm


Special thanks to associated artists, Erfgoed Leiden,

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