Moving perspective

Iemke van Dijk, Untitled (2022), ±2000 porcelain discs, 450 x 475 cm

Moving Perspective is an exhibition on optical and perceptual art


This show contains paintings as well as site-specific installations.
Moving Perspective is an exhibition on optical and perceptual art with local, regional and international artists sponsored by Cultuurfonds Leiden and conceived for the  Leiden European City of Science 2022 program. The exhibition was also on view during local events Open Monumentendagen and Kunstroute Leiden. 

You are most welcome to come and view the exhibition. 

Participating artists are: Linda Arts (nl), Edgar Diehl(de), Iemke Van Dijk (nl), Gabrielle Evertz(vs), Gilbert Hsiao (vs), Mark van Overeem (nl), Tonneke Sengers (nl), Velowa (nl)

On view: September 3 - October 8, 2022
Thu Fri Sat 12 – 5 pm
And after appointment
During the events special opening hours apply. Please refer to respective website/s

Invitation to Moving perspective nl
Invitation to Moving perspective uk

Details of all works exhibited


Special thanks goes out to Leiden2022 and Museum De Lakenhal
Sponsored by Cultuurfonds Leiden

Works by Linda Arts and Edgar Diehl. Details of allworks available here

Two works by Tonneke Sengers from 2022: UTW122V1 60 x 80 cm and UTW75XL 110 x 120 cm. Details of allworks available here

Installation view with -from left to right- Linda Arts, Mark van Overeem and Edgar Diehl. Details of allworks available here

From left to right Gilbert Hsiao, Velowa, Hsiao, Hsiao and three works by Gabriele Evertz. Details of allworks available here

Mark van Overeem, (L) So space you are matter now, like a judge (2019) and Onverbiddelijk nabij (2022), site-specific. Details of allworks available here




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