Exhibition with organisations sluice and pada for the lisbon art weekend

10 -13 November 2022
Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday: 2pm - 8pm
Venue:PADB, neighbouring PADA, Rua 42, Barreiro

Participating artists:
Richard van der Aa (FR), Iemke van Dijk (NL), Olena Dombrovska (UA), Billy Gruner (AU), Badri Gubianuri (UA), Peter Holm (DK), Sarah Keighery (AU), Serhiy Popov (UA), Tilman (IT), Miroslav Vaida (UA), Guido Winkler (NL)

Courtesy of  PADA Studios and Sluice
Part of Lisbon Art Weekend with support by the Câmara Municipal do Barreiro

Background to the exhibtion

The exhibition Territory focusses on the artists who were closely involved as an advisory committee to the KNO group combined with the Ukrainian artists who founded KNO.

In the year 2017, the year that Leiden celebrated De Stijl centennial, the Kyiv Non Objective was brought to life (KNO in short). KNO was an art project, which was based on other art projects that had appeared around the globe during the early 2000’s. Spaces with names like AC4CA, CCNOA, MOP, PS, SNO, Minus Space, NOS, IS among quite some other spaces like ParisCONCRET or Hebel 121, set a new standard for advanced reductive art practices around that time. KNO followed that line in 2017, and reconnected even, exactly where Malevich had worked. Right in the same room. Founding artists were Tiberiy SzilvashiBadri GubianuriOlena Dombrovska and Serhiy Popov. KNO started with an exhibition at the Mysteki Arsenale entitled “0/1” and the panel discussion From the "0.10 " to the "0/1": 100 years of Non-Objective Art. This exhibition toured as “The World of Icons” to other Ukrainian cities and great venues like ILKO gallery in Uruzgorod and Art Centre Dzyga in Lviv. The EST artists were part of this series of events and the connection was made. KNO also invited the IS-projects to curate the exhibition “ICONS\Shift” at the Bulgakov Museum in Kiev in 2018.

When the Russian army invaded Ukraine in February 2022, all we could do was to initiate an exhibition thus creating a platform for recognition and discussion. This lead to a successful fundraiser for the KNO artists. We did this in close co-operation with our Danish friends T e k s a s (Graested, Denmark) and the London based Saturation Point. For the “Kyiv Assemblage No.7 -Solidarity, like many projects before, we worked together with Australian artist/curator Billy Gruner in close co-operation with Basel based artist Daniel Göttin.

We thought that our appearance at Lisbon Art Weekend could be used as another opportunity to show this connection, be it at least an opportunity for of our Ukrainian artist friends to show their work and continue where we left off in May this year.

As Karl England (Sluice) puts it: “To be able to bring so many diverse projects together, from so far afield, shows that – even in, or perhaps because of the difficult times – there is a deep seated need and desire to transcend and show a unity via artist and curator-led creative endeavour.”

Installation view, PADB, Barreiro. Wall, from left to right: Keighery, Gruner, Holm, Dombrovska, Winkler, Keighery. Table: KNO print portfolio

Installation view, PADB, Barreiro. Wall, from left to right: Van der Aa,Keighery, Gruner, Holm, Dombrovska, Winkler, Keighery. Table: KNO print portfolio

Installation view, PADB, Barreiro. Sarah Keighery, Billy Gruner

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