RCE + EST: when concrete, minimal and media art come together 

Exhibition view RCE + EST

Exhibtion view T. Raljich, B.Bonies, M. Hees, J.M.Voskuil and T.Burgering

14/ RCE + EST: when concrete, minimal and media art come together is the result of a collaboration between the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and EST art foundation. Two collections are merged within this exhibition and engage in dialogue with each other. Three art movements are being observed through the same lens: art for art’s sake. All artworks only refer to themselves. No complex themes or narratives, what you see is what you get.

The artworks from the RCE and EST collections are spread through the exhibition space and illustrate how fluid the three central art movements are. Even though the artworks are the result of different processes, they share a similar non-referential message. 

The exhibition includes works from the following artists from the RCE collection: Bob Bonies, Peter Struycken, Jan van Munster, Mirja de Vries, Fred Wessels†, Toni Burgering†, Arie Berkulin, Tomas Rajlich, herman de vries, Maria Hees and Bert Schutter.

EST is represented by: Henriëtte van ’t Hoog, José Heerkens, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Jasper vander Graaf, Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler.

26th of August - October 15th, 2023
Visiting hours: Friday - Sunday: 1 pm - 5 pm
and after appointment

Exhibition view with A.Berkulin, G.Winkler and H. van 't Hoog (3x)


Opening: 26th of August 2023, 3 PM
Open Monumentendag: 9th and 10th of September 2023
Kunstroute Leiden: 23rd and 24th of September 2023

Sponsored by

Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), EST art foundation (EST)

International connection

A Biennale internationale d'art non objectif Satellite Event


This exhibition is curated by Laura Robustella, as per her internship assignment at the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE). During the internship, she was assigned to develop an exhibition proposal for EST art foundation. In the process of developing the exhibition, artworks by both the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and EST art foundation are used.

Curated by:
Laura Robustella

Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE)
EST art foundation (EST)

Special thanks to: 
Sylvia van Schaik, Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE)
Guido Winkler and Iemke van Dijk, EST art foundation

© Copyright EST art foundation